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Welcome to Feed Me! The place to write about your favorite places to eat or find a new place to try! Post reviews for the places that satisfy your foodie cravings. Don't forget to include how much it costs and when you would go (everyday, birthdays, special event, etc)!

Emeril's Orlando

Posted By lilchocoholick on Aug 13, 2007 at 7:16AM

I went to Universal Studios Orlando for my birthday and I HAD to eat at Emeril's! It was one of the best meals I have ever had.

We had to eat at the chef's bar since we only made reservations 3 days in advance... but that was ok.. we got a nice lil corner area. the service was great. Our waiter gave us his recommendations, was quick with drinks, bread, and refills so he got a very nice tip!

For my birthday they gave us a free appetizer: shrimp cerviche on a corn tortilla chip. It had a nice salty tang from the shrimp and citrus and a great crunch from the chip and had a nice creamy finish from the creme fresh like sauce.

For main course, I had the filet mignon with smashed potatoes and walnut bacon hash with a fried onion ring! oooooo it was good.. the steak was nice and juicy.. the mashed potatoes creamy with just a few lumps and red potato skin for texture.. the walnuts and bacon complimented everything very well.. it was definitely on my top 5 meals list..

and for dessert the waiters sang happy birthday.. gave me a molten chocolate cake with mango sorbet.. the mango sorbet was great.. like biting into a fresh ripe east indian mango.. but the chocolate cake was slightly dry around the edges.. but altogether a great meal.

Good Payday Lunch: Sushi A -Go-Go (NYC)

Posted By lilchocoholick on Aug 2, 2007 at 10:34AM

When payday, especially a bonus payday comes around..you deserve to indulge yourself in a good lunch! My indulgence is Sushi A-go-go's Steak Teriyaki lunch box!! This is served with white rice, salad, steamed veggies(seasonal)and edamame in a cute bento like box! I prefer this in the early summer when the seasonal veggie is asparagus! I'm not one for the orange dressing so i don't eat the salad. The steak is served medium, seared nicely and tender sittin in the sweet teriyaki sauce.. That sauce is soo good that I dip my steak in the rice and my rice in the sauce to get as much of the teriyaki flavor possible! So GOOD!!

yes they serve sushi too.. but i'm just not a big fan of sushi. My friends say it's good though!

They also have an incredibly dense chocolate cake.. dessert... absolutely fabulous!! worth a trip just for dessert!

Sushi A-Go-Go
1900 Broadway (btw 63rd &64th)
Free Delivery (don't know the delivery area though)

Tagged with: teriyaki, NYC, steak, sushi

Dinosaur BBQ = best BBQ in NYC

Posted By lilchocoholick on Aug 2, 2007 at 10:24AM

I LOVE Dinosaur... so far it is my favorite BBQ spot!

Located @ 131st and 11th ave (right under the west side hwy)

This place was orginally a biker bar in Syracuse and an additional location in Rochester. The Harlem location is the newest! has a real down home feel, mismatched furniture...well worn wood tables plank board flooring.. minimal lighting..old posters, car parts, exposed bricks and wood/concrete beams!!

They have the greatest chilli..served with tortilla chips or cornbread! Not too spicy..hearty enough to be a meal all its own..just the right balance of meat and beans!
Really good wings..i prefer the wango tango wings..spicy but not so spicy that you can't taste the chicken anymore!!!

Love their pulled pork..its smoked for 14 hrs.. then topped with their smothered sauce...sooo good..you get to really taste the meat this way! You can get this as a sandwich, sandwich platter, or a meal.... (sandwich platter is great for when you are not that hungry or on a budget.. the meal is called the Big Ass Pork Plate best believe that plate is full!)

Favorite Sides: Salt potatoes...mini baked potatoes covered in herb butter and sprinkled with salt and a lil paprika or chilli powder not sure which! Fries are good crispy and seasoned well. Mac & cheese is too cheesy for me but still good.

Dessert: CHOCOLATE Icebox pie... oreo like crust with a stiff chocolate mousse like filling topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips! FABULOUS!!

The place is really affordable.. If it was just me eating for 3 courses I wold spend appox. $25. (chili or wings, pork sandwich platter, and icebox pie)

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